My goal as a writing coach, editor and speaker is to help writers make their dreams a reality, whether that is to enable them to write their first novel, indie-publish their stories, or dust off that manuscript to submit to editors and agents.

My job is to help writers improve their skill-set, focus their vision, and work smart (not always hard) to build their career. I also want to teach them to fish. That's why I offer strategic self-editing, marketing and business tips/tricks that are easy on the schedule and help get writers back in the writing seat.

Now that you have a manuscript you want to submit to editors and agents (OR EVEN CONTEST JUDGES), you must be sure your FIRST 50 PAGES meets the criteria these gate keepers are looking for. I'll not only help you ensure your characters, pacing, and story structure is starting off right, but I'll give you tips and tricks to make your story sparkle.
"I took this course and the manuscript I was working on at the time was picked up by an agent after I did the revisions it needed. A lot of changes I found I had to do based on Christine's course." –Pat

This class will help know what you need to focus on and provide tons of tips, tricks, and secrets to success! Over the course of 15 Lessons you'll cover:

 1) First page "Do's and Don'ts"
 2) Power hooks that engage
 3) World building mastery
 4) Character development seeds to plant early
 5) Dialogue that engages and sells itself
 6) Critical story elements you must establish by page 50
 7) Key turning points to keep readers moving
 8) Scene-writing techniques to improve pacing and tension
 9) Genre requirements to meet
 10) Layering story/character arcs for deeper meaning

"You have put in so much work on this for each of us--well worth the price. I feel on much firmer ground with my novel now."  Pat

"This was like getting all that feedback on why your piece got rejected without the rejection. Great stuff and amazingly useful.” Julie

"This class has helped me so much! I was having trouble writing my last chapter but after this class it came together and i used every lesson especially the heart and dialogue lessons to make my ending emotional and hopefully satisfying so it works on the last 50 pages too." Linda

"All of the lessons have been extremely valuable. I definitely need to rewrite major portions of my novel but hey, I guess that's what the revision process is all about. Thanks for a great class." Allison


  1. Looking forward to another in-depth and educational class from you Christine! You always deliver 110% of what you promise. Geri

  2. How does the class actually work? Is it live? Is it everyday for two weeks? Is there homework? How does the interaction work?
    Sounds very interesting; just wondering about the logistics.

  3. Great question, Jackie. It's online in a Yahoo Group and I post 3 lessons each week. Every lesson has a suggested exercise to help you practice the concept. And you can share your dialogue samples and/or exercises with the group/me to get feedback.

    thanks for asking!

  4. Hi Christine!

    Will this class be coming up again? I don't have the finances to take it right now, but I'd like to try to get it at a later time.


  5. Lara, I won't be teaching this again till next Spring due to other commitments. March at the earliest, though I think I'm teaching for Savvy Authors that month. If you want to send me your email address, I'll put you on the announcement list for my classes. Thanks for your inquiry!
    Best, Christine

  6. Can you put my email on your list as well? I am very interested in this class.

  7. Hi Christine, I'm very interested in taking the Yahoo Groups class. Do you have a date already set?


  8. I just found your site through PNR - very professional and helpful!