My goal as a writing coach, editor and speaker is to help writers make their dreams a reality, whether that is to enable them to write their first novel, indie-publish their stories, or dust off that manuscript to submit to editors and agents.That's why I offer strategic self-editing, marketing and business classes that are easy on the schedule and help get writers focus on what's important. All my classes offer generous feedback on students' manuscript samples, so they get personal attention and their writing gets reviewed.

First 50 Pages

Join my 8-week workshop to fix your first 50 pages AND get a first page critique!
Now that you have a manuscript you want to submit to editors, agents, or even contest judges, you must be sure your FIRST 50 PAGES meets the criteria these gate keepers are seeking. Come learn why they reject manuscripts and how you can polish your manuscript sample so you can beat the odds. Or just prep your pages to self-publish and learn the strategies that bestselling authors use.For more information on this unique workshop, visit: First 50 Pages

DATES:June 1 thru July 27
(8-week course)
COST: $75.00 + tax  (pay below)
LOCATION: Online via Yahoo Groups

Create Characters that Last
Create characters that readers will never forget! Characters should feel so REAL to readers they jump off the page. This class is geared toward fiction writers who want to create fascinating characters—characters readers want to take home for dinner.

My goal is to help you create the next break-out book with 3-dimensional characters everyone talks about. Emphasis will be placed on building unique characters and stand-out heroes, heroines and villains. We'll examine different profiling modes, including The Hero's Journey, epic-literature archetypes, psychology models, and even spiritual archetypes. 

Depending on your genre, you'll also learn the appropriate type of relationships to create between characters, both primary and secondary. Whether you want to create the next James Bond or Ethan Frome, the next Indiana Jones or Bridget Jones... this class will help you break the mold on character development.

You'll receive 6 Lessons over the course that will teach you to:

1. Answer the 3 key questions about your main characters.
2. Apply the 5 “musts” for character introductions/entrances to the story.
3. Layer action effectively (internal & external, public & private) to “show, not tell”.
4. Build character development arcs (primary vs. secondary characters) more easily.
5. Leverage dialogue between characters (primary and secondary).
6. Understand how heroes/heroines/villains should interact for greater effect.
7. Know when heroes/villains should win or lose and why.
8. Make plotting easier through character-driven storytelling.
9. Choose the right POV character for the story.

Each Lesson includes a suggested exercise and further reader recommendations. Students are expected but not required to use their own manuscript for practice and/or applying these exercises. Students may share a scene from their work for feedback from the instructor and/or the class.

COST: $69.00 + tax
WHERE: Online via Yahoo Groups

"You have put in so much work on this for each of us--well worth the price. I feel on much firmer ground with my novel now."  Pat

"This was like getting all that feedback on why your piece got rejected without the rejection. Great stuff and amazingly useful.” Julie

"This class has helped me so much! I was having trouble writing my last chapter but after this class it came together and i used every lesson especially the heart and dialogue lessons to make my ending emotional and hopefully satisfying so it works on the last 50 pages too." Linda

"All of the lessons have been extremely valuable. I definitely need to rewrite major portions of my novel but hey, I guess that's what the revision process is all about. Thanks for a great class." Allison