My goal as a writing coach, editor and speaker is to help writers make their dreams a reality, whether that is to enable them to write their first novel, indie-publish their stories, or dust off that manuscript to submit to editors and agents.

That's why I offer strategic self-editing, marketing and business classes that are easy on the schedule and help get writers focus on what's important.
All my classes offer generous feedback on students' manuscript samples, so they get personal attention and their manuscript gets direct critique.

Editing Dynamic Dialogue
Dialogue is one of the most important elements of any work of fiction. It’s equal to action, because, when written well, dialogue IS action. So if you want readers to salivate for your character’s every word, then you must know how to use compelling dialogue to reveal their characters and their story. We’ll examine the micro to macro issues, as well as internal vs. external dialogue. Dialogue can help you:
  1. Reveal characters' fears, hopes, heart and needs.
  2. Develop interesting characters and relationships
  3. Foreshadow & create suspense
  4. Influence voice & pacing
  5. Shape action & plot elements
  6. Deliver engaging subtext
DATES: July 4-August 1 (4-weeks)
LOCATION: Online tba
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11 Edits You Must Make to Look Like a Pro
This editing class includes tips and tricks you won’t find in books or other classes. We’ll use examples from brave students willing to submit their first 3 pages for my review. Editing emphasis will be placed on 1) tight scene structure and 2) no unnecessary words. The edits you’ll learn will help you:
  1. Strengthen character development & character arcs.
  2. Tighten and intensify dialogue.
  3. Polish character introductions.
  4. Create greater emotional response from readers.
  5. Search and destroy words that don't belong
  6. Trade up on your verbs, details & descriptions
  7. Improve pacing, voice, and style.

DATES: July 11-July 29 (3-weeks)
LOCATION: Online tba
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Now that you have a manuscript you want to submit to editors, agents, or even contest judges, you must be sure your FIRST 50 PAGES meets the criteria these gate keepers are seeking. Come learn why they reject manuscripts and how you can polish your manuscript sample so you can beat the odds. 

WHEN: Sept 5-Oct 7 (5 weeks)
COST: $50 (includes class materials and critique of first page)
WHERE: Online tba

"You have put in so much work on this for each of us--well worth the price. I feel on much firmer ground with my novel now."  Pat

"This was like getting all that feedback on why your piece got rejected without the rejection. Great stuff and amazingly useful.” Julie

"This class has helped me so much! I was having trouble writing my last chapter but after this class it came together and i used every lesson especially the heart and dialogue lessons to make my ending emotional and hopefully satisfying so it works on the last 50 pages too." Linda

"All of the lessons have been extremely valuable. I definitely need to rewrite major portions of my novel but hey, I guess that's what the revision process is all about. Thanks for a great class." Allison