First 50 Pages

Writing GREAT stories is all in the RE-WRITING
Join my 8-week workshop to fix your first 50 pages and get a first page critique!

DATES: June 1 thru July 27
(8-week course)
COST: $75.00 + tax  (pay below)
LOCATION: Online via Yahoo Groups

Now that your manuscript is drafted and you want to submit your first 50 pages to editors, agents or even contests, you must be sure those pages meet the criteria those gate keepers require and desire.

"I took this course and the manuscript I was working on at the time was picked up by an agent after I did the revisions it needed. A lot of changes I found I had to do based on Christine's course." –Pat

This workshop will not only help you polish your first 50 pages, but teach you how to think like an editor so you write/edit stronger manuscripts in the future. You'll learn how to make characters, dialogue, and hooks read like a bestseller. You'll also get these tips/tricks to make the rest of your manuscript sparkle:

1) First page "Do's and Don'ts"
2) Power hooks that engage
3) World building master techniques
4) Character development seeds to plant early
5) Dialogue that engages and sells itself
6) Critical story elements you must establish by page 50
7) Key "turning points" to keep readers turning the page
8) Scene-writing techniques that improve pacing/tension
9) Genre requirements to meet
10) Layering story/character arcs

Flexible Schedule
There's no set time of day we meet for this class. This way the class flexes to your schedule, wherever you are in the world and whatever time you're ready to dig into your manuscript. :)

Personal Attention
I send out "lessons" (via Google or Yahoo Groups posts which go to your email inbox) several times per week. These include exercises you can complete (or not--there's no requirement, but it's encouraged) and submit for my review, comments and edits. You may also post your questions or a short excerpt from your novel (up to 300 words per submission) to the class for discussion and/or my feedback.


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About the Instructor:
Christine M. Fairchild has over 30 years of experience as a writer, author and editor. Though trained as a journalist, she spent the last two decades working for publications (XFiles,, technical giants (Microsoft, AT&T), and consumer product companies (DHL, Hitachi). She now helps fiction writers improve their use of language, timing, and perspective to deepen their work. As a writer, editor and ghostwriter, her experience ranges from novels to screenplays to non-fiction, from science fiction to romance to memoir. Christine has written an Amazon bestselling Romantic Suspense (An Eye For Danger) and bestselling craft books for fiction writers (The Editor Devil's Guide to Dialogue & The Editor Devil's Guide to Characters).

I hope to have you in my workshop!
The Editor Devil
(aka Christine M. Fairchild)