Thank you, all, for your kind words about my teaching, books and critiques...


"If you want a successful conference with a dedicated, energetic and fun faculty member - Christine should top your list!"  -- Paul Atreides, Las Vegas Writers Conference chair

"I enjoyed your classes at the Las Vegas Writers Conference. It was great getting to know you a little and I have to say thank you for always asking questions. I know that other attendees appreciated your enthusiasm and inclusiveness as much as I did. Weather you asked about us, or asked agents and authors questions when we froze. That journalism background shined through to the benefit of us all. Thank you." -- Miranda Boyer, LVWC attendee

"Thank you so much for your generous [book] offers. Your first page assessments made me wish you were accepting pitches at the conference. You were tough, but fair. I'm working on rearranging my schedule to accommodate your upcoming class." –Tonya, LVWC attendee

"Thanks so much for this feedback, and for all of your feedback. Also, I just want to echo the gratitude others have expressed.  I now start my writing days by reviewing one or another of your lessons, and sometimes I take a quick read through them all, having highlighted phrases and sentences that especially speak to me.  Thanks for writing them, and for teaching them so well and with such patience. I will miss this class, and seeing all the great work in progress." – Sherry Rosenthal, student First 50 Pages

"Thanks so much Christine for all the great information. I wish I had been prepared, however, I had promised myself that when your information on the First50Pages came out I would get it. And, I am so glad I did. Thank you again. You are amazing." – Janet Kerr, student First 50 Pages

"I took this course and the manuscript I was working on at the time was picked up by an agent after I did the revisions it needed. A lot of changes I found I had to do based on Christine's course. I'd do it again on a different book, but one thing I'd do is make sure I had a completed novel that's ready for revision. But that's just me." – Pat Brown, student Nail Your First 50 Pages, 2011
"Christine, I want to thank you for an excellent class. You came along at the perfect time for me, just as I was polishing Burned Angels to send it out for submission. You helped me mold this novel in ways I never foresaw and I know you have helped me make it far better novel than it was to start with. Your teaching inspires me to try harder." -- Pat Brown, student First 50 Pages, 2016

"Thank you, Christine, for an eye-opener of a class.  I managed to submit exercises until the beginning of this week but suddenly realized I had a month to finish my WIP and get it on my editor's desk - or should that be into her inbox J I'll never skim dialogue again when reading and my future manuscripts will always have a thorough revision for dialogue that works before whizzing off into cyberspace." -- June Whyte, student Dialogue via Savvy Authors

"Thanks for all your valuable help… ps--for any whom have not taken this course with Christine, It is WELL WORTH the money.  The critiques are excellent, thoughtful, tough but yet encouraging." ---Kate Thorn, student Editing Dialogue

"Christine, Thank you very much for all you did for me. This class was loaded with information. And, wow! the vividness! I’m going to start back with lesson one and go all the way through since that’s what I need to do to make the material second nature. Hopefully, you’ll teach a class in the near future about show/tell or DPOV. Perhaps both. You are a nice person, too. Buckle your seat belt." -- Bill Sharpe, student Editing Dialogue

"Thank you, Christine. I'm digesting these wonderful lessons, and I know they'll make my writing stronger. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise." -- Ruth Owen, student  Dialogue class for YA/RWA

"I'm still catching up on the lessons (I just finished #8), but I'm impressed with what I've read so far. This class has been better than I expected. You've gone beyond what I've read in books on writing dialogue. Thanks, Christine." – Stina, student  Dialogue class for YA/RWA

"Hi Christine. Hands down, ur class has got 2 b the BEST class/workshop I've taken thus far in which I learned SO much!! Thanks 4 ur patience and expertise…I meant it and already recommend u among the 3 writing groups and critique group I belong 2. Between u, me and the lamp post, 1 of my groups just had a workshop about craft, etc. and it didn't seem that helpful @ all. Ur class was worth every penny spent. :) Thanks again." – Tuere, student Nail Your First 50 Pages, 2011 

"I’d like to say the same thing about your course my husband says about my cooking: You’ve been doing such a great job, it’s become expected. And again, you didn’t disappoint. Even on my second time through, I learned so much." – Barbara, student Nail Your First 50 Pages, 2011
"Thanks again Christine for a wonderful class. My writing is a thousand times stronger for it. Best of luck on your own writing and I will look for you at RWA!" – Briana Williams, student Nail Your First 50 Pages, 2011

"Yep, I second that.  This class by far was the most useful one I have taken.  Thank you, Christine.  I look forward to taking more of your classes.  :)" -- Naomi Petäinen, student Nail Your First 50 Pages, 2011

"Thank you very much. This is much more than I expected. Your critique is so articulate and dynamic. I'm starting implementing the changes NOW. I really appreciate the fact that you did more than "normal" and I promise you that I will take your comments on board. I also wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of the material you shared with us. I'm a bit of a workshop junkie and for me, and for me it's up on the summit with Mary Buckham and Laurie Schnebly." – Marion, critique client

"I want to echo everyone's praise. I've gained a much better understanding of creating characters through your tips and tools! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. And thanks to everyone who posted their WIPs! Your bravery and generosity have helped all of us to learn and grow." Roni Lynne, student Create Characters that Last

"As usual, your teaching is top notch and, just like every word in our manuscripts count, every word you give us is packed with info and encouragement." -- Ryder Islington, student Create Characters that Last

"Just adding my voice to the crowd cheering for Christine and her valuable class. Christine, you are a generous, knowledgeable, and skilled teacher. My plan is to print out everything and create a notebook of the class that I can pour over, highlight, and have open next to my computer as I work through my books in the future. Thanks just doesn't seem like enough, but thanks." – Geri Frick, student Create Characters that Last

"Christine, thank you so much for an awesome, amazing class! I was hoping to be able to post for feedback but things got in the way. I'm still behind by a few days on the reading, but I've printed everything out and am working my way through it steadily. It's already made a big difference in my WIP. I'll look forward to other classes with you in the future. Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon! Take care." – Chassily Wakefield, student Create Characters that Last

"Thank you so much, Christine. Even though I lurked the entire class, you'd better believe I was absorbing all that amazing information you gave us. I think I'll be absorbing it for the next month. :-)  You are no doubt a great teacher. I'll be sure to sing your praises to anyone who'll listen!" -- Rosalie Lario, student Create Characters that Last