Christine learned early that people can either put wind into your sails, or take wind out of your sails, and you must take care which friends to choose.

Despite being told she would never graduate from high school because she grew up on welfare, let alone earn a college degree, she put herself through college and earned a B.A. in English from U.C. Berkeley, the top English department in the country at that time.

Christine trained as a journalist from the age of 14, so that by the time she entered college she was working as a professional copyeditor, speechwriter and freelance reporter. As an editor she was required to learn photography and printing, graphic design, information design, computer technology, and even psychology.

She has spent the last three decades writing and/or serving as editor for publications (XFiles, SciFiMall.com), software and telecomm companies (Microsoft, PowerData, F5 Networks, Cingular, AT&T), and corporate giants (Airborne Express, DHL). She's provided executive communications, marketing, branding, PR, training, and even events management services. She specialized in the psychology of language and communications design, with a focus on women consumer behavior and trends.

Christine recently served as Managing Editor for the coffee table book The Windermere Cup: A history of one of the world's premiere rowing regattas (http://windermerecup.withwre.com/ourstory/) for the event's 30th anniversary celebration.

Currently, Christine works as "book doctor" and teaches writing and editing classes to authors and fellow editors. She is a regular guest lecturer at Univ. Washington, Seattle, and speaks at many writer conferences. She's published two books to help authors improve their craft (The Editor Devil's Guide to Characters and The Editor Devil's Guide to Dialogue), as well as a contemporary Romantic Suspense series set in New York, An Eye For Danger. She stays busy editing and critiquing client manuscripts and is finishing edits to her own WWII women's fiction any day now.