Sensational Scenes Class Via Savvy Authors

I'm teaching my Sensational Scenes class through Savvy Authors this month. Come on down and join us!

Strong scenes structure is the favored model in the current publishing industry. This will be a fun and rewarding class. And tough. We’ll examine the micro and macro issues that make up great scenes, and we'll discuss books as well as movies for inspiration. You'll learn from an editor's perspective how to restructure scenes to make them more dynamic for the reader. Learn how to edit your scenes for tighter language, engaging action, compelling dialogue, and character development your readers will love. You’ll get an editor's perspective on issues of language, structure, and content.

• Build efficient scene structure: we’ll discuss the “enter late/leave early” model, scene & sequel techniques, plot arcs and important plot points.

• Create conflict and tension: we’ll talk about how to build the right conflict, the right tension through both main and supporting characters or through events.

• Ensure proper goal & motivation: we’ll cover the WHAT and WHY of character behavior to ensure believable action and thus engaging plots.

• Drive scenes with compelling dialogue: we’ll discuss dialogue arcs and how to load the scene using loaded language.

• Layer effective description and narrative: we’ll discuss sketch techniques to create interesting characters, settings and devices.

WHEN: Mar 10, 2011 - Apr 6, 2011
COST: $20 for Premium Members, $30 for Basic Members