Tips for Self-publishing Your Best Work

Since we've been discussing the self-publishing eBook path (and I spent the weekend doused in such conversations at NW Bookfest in Kirkland, WA.) I thought I'd give those who choose this route a few tips and tricks.

1. This Writer's Weekly article, Top Signs a Book is Self-Published, helped point out some of the no-no's that make you look like an amateur.
2. The reader forum on Amazon titled "Dear Author: Please Don't..." is great for finding issues that annoy readers. Like naming your hero character “Rafe” in a Romance. Been there, read that. But you can't take all the reader remarks seriously, or else you'd never be able to finish a book!
3. More than anything, I want to press the concept of good editing. No one should publish to Kindle material hasn't been copyedited and proofread. Personally, I use an editor named Lisa Costantino (, because I trust her with my stories and my career.

That being said, I recently sent out my manuscript without having sent it to her first. Well, despite being an editor of 25 years, I’m dyslexic and can’t proof my own work. In fact, I sub my proofing for this reason. Let’s just say I later found all kinds of errors in my manuscript. But now I can’t take back sending it. Lesson RE-learned!

Please, please, please, authors...DO find and editor/proofreader you trust, and do your due diligence on the manuscript before you send it to agents or publishing editors and especially before you publish to an eBook format!

Best to you,
Your Editor Devil