My Dialogue Book Now on Kindle!

Last week I published "The Editor Devil's Guide to Dialogue: top tips and tricks for fiction writers" as an eBook on Kindle. This is a compilation of the dialogue class I taught online, so all my top advice is packed into this eBook.

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I hope this book reaches lots of authors and editors looking to make their fiction dialogue irresistible. Moreover, I hope it inspires folks to push their limits with writing dialogue and not settle for the same old same old. Imagination runs deeper than you think, so pushing yourself can produce your best work!

An excerpt of the book can be found in my blog entry for Savvy Authors, "3 Do's& Don'ts of Dialogue". I'll be teaching my class Sensational Scenes for Savvy Authors May 14-27, so come join me live. This is currently the only class I'm scheduled to teach in the next few months.

For now, here's one of my Dialogue Do's & Don'ts from the eBook:

#15 Create Undercurrents & Ripples

DON’T… Use blatant, safe words all the time.
DO… Use loaded words. Getting “blamed” is not the same as getting “accused” or getting “charged” for something. Simple words are often best, especially in contrast to complex situations, but using words that have undercurrent creates more interest.
DON’T… Speak without color or flavor or sound or feeling or... Forgetting the senses in narrative is a no-no. So too in dialogue.
DO… Use visceral language. Don’t forget to employ the senses (sight, sound, feel, smell, taste) in speech to reveal colors, textures, odors, patterns, or even sixth sense perceptions. And let characters occasionally speak in rich imagery, similes and metaphors. This makes dialogue more sensual, more sexy overall.
Yours truly,
The Editor Devil