NEW Character Developement Book Now On Amazon

Please bear with me as I squirm and giggle. I'm so excited to announce that my new book "The EditorDevil's Guide to CHARACTERS" ( is finally up and available on Amazon for Kindle.

This book is geared toward fiction writers who want to create fascinating characters—characters readers want to take home for dinner. Whether you want to create the next James Bond or Ethan Frome, the next Indiana Jones or Bridget Jones... this book will help you break the mold on character development.

My goal with this book, as with my classes, is to help you create 3-dimensional characters everyone talks about. We'll examine different profiling modes, including The Hero's Journey, epic-literature archetypes, psychology models, and even spiritual archetypes. Emphasis is placed on building stand-out heroes, heroines and villains. Depending on your genre, you'll also learn the appropriate type of relationships to create between characters, both primary and secondary.

With this book you'll also learn to:

1. Answer 3 key questions about your main characters.
2. Apply the 5 “musts” for character introductions/entrances to the story.
3. Layer action effectively (internal & external, public & private) to “show, not tell”.
4. Build character development arcs (primary vs. secondary characters) more easily.
5. Leverage dialogue between characters (primary and secondary).
6. Understand how heroes/heroines/villains should interact for greater effect.
7. Know when heroes/villains should win or lose and why.
8. Make plotting easier through character-driven storytelling.
9. Choose the right POV character for the story.

Best of luck to my fellow authors and editors!
Your Editor Devil