Reaching Goals & Helping Friends

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My main goal this year was to set new goals. Some lofty, some simple, but new and fresh and therefore more exciting to work towards.

1) My first goal was to reboot my career as a writer/editor, now that my schedule is free to return to work. Check!

2) My second goal was to get book 2 of my Goliath trilogy out the door, and that's nearing the finish line. (Let me know if you want to be a beta reader!) This summer I'll be able to check that goal off my list too.

3) Another goal of mine is to hit a bestsellers list besides one of Amazon's (been there, done that a couple times). Several of my colleagues had the same goal.

And that's how this Passion&Danger project started out, with my colleague and friend, Kim Hornsby, enlisting a group of talented women who happened to be bestselling romantic suspense authors to produce an anthology. Like Toby Neal and Alexa Grace. I felt honored to be included.

Ten amazing women, ten amazing books!

Then we added a cause to rally around, so we could donate a cut of proceeds to a worthy charity. One of our authors is a Thymic cancer survivor; Kim's husband is a cancer survivor; and several of us have been touched by cancer via friends and family, especially Breast Cancer.

There was the magic formula that changed our lofty goal into an heart goal: a worthy cause, powerful women, exceptional books!

So on May 17th we launched a box set of 10 novels all for 99 cents called Passion and Danger. This anthology is a great deal for readers to get lots of fun, sexy books, and a great addition for your summer book reading!

And this is where we need your help. Reviews always help drive sales, but as a new release, there are no reviews posted for our anthology.

What can you do to help? If you've posted a review for An Eye For Danger on Amazon (or a review for any of the other books on any other retailer), you can copy and paste your review for our anthology here: Or simply buy the anthology and start reading new books and posting new reviews. That's it. Post your review, and you help fight cancer! Oh, and get 10 yummy books to heat up your summer reading list!!

Barnes & Noble…

So what goals are you shooting for this year? And how can other people help you reach them?