Don’t Describe Cardboard When Lace Works

Don’t… use vague, cliche physical descriptions to describe your hero or heroine.

Brown hair, tall, strong build. That’s been done. Over and over. These words don’t convey the hero/heroine’s energy or uniqueness. Remember, vague means boring. Don’t be afraid to counter the typical description by showing scars, ugly aspects, or what they don’t have.

Do… use unique words and phrasings to convey your hero/heroine’s image as well as their presence.

Instead of “fair hair with deep blue eyes” for your sexy hero, you might try “he had sandy brows that crested over a Caribbean blue gaze.” Remember, women typically look at eyes first, while men look at a woman’s body first. Yet women judge sexiness by a man’s voice, while men judge a woman’s sexiness by her hair.

What you distinguish can really make a character interesting, even when you make a hero/heroine a tad ugly. I love the description of “he would have been handsome if he didn’t have a ...” mole, scar, crooked nose, big ears, sloppy lips. Hollywood’s leading sex symbols have had all of these (can you guess which belongs to whom?)

More power to you, Angels!
Your Editor Devil