Don’t Get Unreal When Reality Works Better

More character development Do's & Don'ts...

Don’t… make your hero/heroine so perfect, they are inhuman.

When you don’t include fatal flaws (physical, emotional, and mental), then your hero/heroine will feel rigid, one-dimensional. Readers can only bond with three-dimensional characters.

Flaws make the hero/heroine not only have more obstacles, but they make hero/heroines three-dimensional. And more human.

Do… give your hero/heroine flaws that match or counter-act their strengths.

Then play these off one another. Imagine a hero/heroine is a fast runner —a track star from their college years. But he/she is afraid of heights. So as that murderous ex pursues the hero/heroine over the rooftops of an old Moroccan village, these two character aspects will entangle, forcing the hero/heroine to make a choice: change or die.

That’s not just an interesting character but a compelling human situation. That’s conflict.

Go forth and conquer, Angels.
Your ever-faithful Editor Devil