Well, if you've wondered why I've been so silent, I can answer you in one word: PUPPY.

*One of us (obviously not you!) forgot that puppies are like babies for the first few weeks--up every 3 hours and ready to be entertained and fed. Needless to say, sleep deprivation has taken its toll. I'm doing dumb things like putting my keys in the silverware drawer. Hey, they're shiny and silver, right?

I'm writing in spurts on books, but don't trust myself with editing, let alone finalizing any business decisions. So I set aside the book release and I'm enjoying my days with Tucker (see that smiling face above) while he's still a puppy.

I promise to return in the next few weeks with new insights and tips for great editing and/or writing. In the meantime, check out my article in the RWR (RWA's monthly magazine) on the "5 Online Marketing Tools You've Never Heard Of".

And triple thanks to everyone who helped me by giving feedback on my book covers. The final version will be unveiled next month!

Your Editor Devil